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Take the boat driver test? The boat driver app teaches you everything you need to pass.

So far in 2020 has 30  000 Norwegians used the boat driver app  to practice for the boatman test. It is not without reason that this is Norway's most used learning tool for the boat driver test. With this app, you pass, guaranteed.

By Kristian Aslaksen, general manager of Gray Area AS - 23.06.2020

Båtførerappen oppgaver

Tasks almost similar to the real boat driver test

The boat driver app consists of tasks almost identical to those  you will attend during the official boat driver test. The app  covers all the topics you will be tested in.

The syllabus in Båtførerappen is updated at all times and quality assured in accordance with current laws and regulations.


Pedagogical explanations

When you answer a question you will get  stated the correct alternative and an explanation that teaches you why something is right or wrong. The explanations are designed with pedagogy in the main focus, so that you will learn what you need as efficiently as possible as you answer the assignments.

See when you can enough  to pass the hunter test

Based on your task history, the Hunter app will notify you when you have enough knowledge to pass the hunter test. This way, you can feel confident that you will pass when you leave to take the test.

You only need the app to pass, and no in-depth knowledge

Users of the Boatman App report that they only need to practice with the app to pass the boatman test. No courses, books or other learning tools. The app teaches you what you need, and you do not need any in-depth knowledge.

Båtførerappen anmeldelser

Norway's most used learning tool for the boat driver test

So far in 2020 (June), more than 30,000 people have used the Boat Driver app  to practice for the boatman test. This makes the app the country's most used learning tool for the boat driver test.  If you are going to take the boat driver test, then test out this app. You are guaranteed to pass.

The app is available for iOS and Android. 

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